Good reasons for artificial turf

No maintenance needed

Quite clearly, the biggest advantage of artificial turf over natural grass is that you do not have to maintain it around the clock. Once rolled out and fitted, you'll have peace of mind all year round and still have a pretty lawn on your doorstep - all without watering, fertilizing or mowing. Our quality artificial lawns look impeccable even after many years. They also have a pleasant feel and are soft to the skin. You will move on them like on real grass. Choose from different pile heights between 14 and 35 mm.

Incomparably robust

An artificial turf is ideal for areas that are subject to heavy use, such as by children playing soccer or regular foot traffic. Our premium artificial turf is UV-stable, waterproof and hard-wearing. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and do not contain lead or cadmium, which leach into the soil when it rains and is exposed to wear and tear. Animals and children can play and romp on the grass to their hearts' content. The materials are durable and recyclable.

Drainage included

Our high quality artificial grass is water permeable. You do not have to fear moisture accumulation or mold growth. Weeds or vermin also no longer cause you problems with an artificial turf.

Is artificial turf cheaper than real grass?

EAcquiring an artificial lawn is an investment that pays off after just a short time: since there is neither wear nor bad weather years, there are no costs for replacement. And you don't have to spend anything more on lawn care either.

Which artificial turf is right for me?

To fully enjoy your artificial grass, you should know what you want to use it for. Do you need a practical surface for bolting? Then a short pile height is ideal. Do you want to green part of your terrace and let the grass tickle your bare feet, longer artificial blades of 35 mm are perfect.

Need advice on choosing your artificial turf? We at Parkett Hinterseer will be happy to help you and answer your questions. With us you will find everything, including for a beautiful decking, including terrace care and decking accessoires.