König hard wax Plus Series 730 40 x 4 cm

Indoor & outdoor,mixed interchangeably resistant,Lightfast and weather-stable

€59.01*/ Item

€59.01* per packagaging unit

Product number: 35500225

Hard wax Plus Series 730 - Repair kit for wooden floors

The hard wax plus repair set is suitable for repairing deep scratches, holes and edge damage in real wood, plastic and decorative surfaces indoors and outdoors.

Product features:

  • for deep scratches, holes and edge damage in solid and prefinished parquet and laminate flooring

  • Good elasticity

  • Melting point is 81°C

  • Applicable outdoors: windows, doors made of wood and plastic, garden furniture etc.

  • Applicable indoors: stairs, floors made of wood and laminate, countertops etc.

  • Heat resistant up to 110°C

  • Strong and resistant

  • Mixture of high-quality, mineral waxes with plastic components, dyed with earth and oxide colors

  • Colour shades are miscible when melting

  • Not sandable with machines

  • Lightfast and weather-stable

  • different colors

  • 40 x 4 cm bars - different shades

Product number: 35500225
Weight in kg: 1.5
Wood is a natural product, variations in color and structure are inevitable and properties of the natural product wood. A sample therefore does not have to match the later delivery and therefore cannot convey the overall impression of a laid area. The same applies to the illustrations on this website / web shop, these are also to be equated with the representation of a sample.