PARAT Vario coating-multiglue 14 kg

adhesive for PVC, solvent-free, good flash-off time

€3.87*/ Kilogram

€54.15* per packagaging unit

Product number: 45505700

Multifunctional dispersion adhesive for PVC flooring in sheets and tiles, CV flooring, linoleum and carpets with different backings.

Consumption according to trowel notch:

- TKB- A 2 - Consumption: approx. 300 g/m2

- TKB- B 1 - Consumption: approx. 400 g/m2

- TKB- B 2 - Consumption: approx. 650 g/m2

- TKB- B 3 - Consumption: approx. 750 g/m2

Care must be taken to ensure sufficient wetting of the reverse side of the covering. Coarsely textured adhesive surfaces require a coarser trowel notch with corresponding additional consumption.


- solvent-free, very low emission

- good flash-off time

- good initial adhesion

- strong adhesion

Product number: 45505700
EAN: 4260033198426
Weight in kg: 14
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