WOCA lacquer care box matt 6 pieces

f. lacquered floors & vinyl floors, easy processing, cleaning & care

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Product number: 35500189

WOCA Vinyl and varnish care box - the care set for varnished surfaces and vinyl floors

With the WOCA lacquer and vinyl care box you get the perfect basic equipment for the cleaning and care of lacquered floors, laminate or vinyl floors. The care set contains the following products:

- 1 litre WOCA vinyl and varnish soap

- 1 liter WOCA Vinyl and lacquer care

- 1 litre WOCA intensive cleaner

- 2 floor cloths

- 1 Care instructions for lacquered floors

WOCA Vinyl and lacquer soap:

With WOCA Vinyl and Varnish Soap, parquet floors with varnished surfaces as well as laminate, stone and linoleum floors can be cleaned easily and effectively. Suitable for regular and frequent cleaning because no film forms on the floor surface. According to DIN EN 71.3, vinyl and varnish soap is also suitable for cleaning children's toys and can be applied manually or mechanically.

High yield: 1 litre is sufficient for the cleaning of approx. 400 m2 floor area.

WOCA Vinyl and varnish care:

WOCA vinyl and paint care effectively increases the life of sealed surfaces, strengthens the floor surface and protects it from scratches and wear. Remnants of previous care treatments are automatically removed. Thus vinyl and varnish care does not form a thick layer.

WOCA Intensive cleaner:

WOCA intensive cleaner removes heavy soiling and residues of previous care treatments.

As the intensive cleaner has a strong degreasing effect, the wood should then be refilled with an oil contained in the set or a care paste.

Product number: 35500189
EAN: 5708055008525
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