Are you looking for suitable products for cleaning vinyl and/or laminate? Then Parkett Hinterseer is the right place for you. Discover our multifaceted range of laminate and vinyl cleaners! The cleaning agents are precisely matched to the requirements of the floor in question, economical in use and mild.

5 reasons for regular floor cleaning

  1. Your laminate or vinyl floor will look beautiful longer.
  2. Dirt cannot accumulate in the gaps.
  3. The floor covering becomes less sensitive to environmental influences such as moisture and shoe abrasion.
  4. Cleaning with special laminate and vinyl cleaners will revitalize your floors and give them a new shine.
  5. If you remove dirt immediately, you can avoid permanent damage. Pointed stones or sharp-edged dirt particles are very dangerous for your flooring.

What are the cleaning products for vinyl and laminate floors?

The special cleaners designed for laminate and vinyl provide thorough cleaning and care, without harming the material. With the right products, you not only increase the life of your flooring, but also protect it from external influences.


The active cleaner for vinyl floors convinces with excellent dirt binding - even with greasy residues. Since even a small amount of the cleaning agent is sufficient, it is very economical. A big advantage: The cleaning succeeds without streaks and smears.

Master Cleaner

Remove dirt quickly and effectively with the soap cleaner from WOCA! The vinyl and laminate cleaner gives your floor a firm and resistant surface. Thus, spilled liquids can not penetrate so easily. The Master Cleaner is perfect for frequent use.

Master Care

Besides the cleaning itself, you must not neglect the care of your vinyl or laminate floor. Prevent the wear of your floors with suitable care products. The care product Master Care refreshes the floor covering and extends its service life. At the same time it strengthens the vinyl and laminate surface and smoothes out small scratches. The vinyl cleaner lays thinly on the flooring - so you can use the product as you wish.

Laminate cleaner

For a gentle cleaning of your laminate, reach for this floor cleaner. It removes dirt, grease and shoe marks without leaving any residue. A special formula of active ingredients ensures that bad odors such as cigarette smoke are neutralized.

How to clean vinyl and laminate properly?

In order to enjoy your flooring for a long time, there are some aspects that you should consider when cleaning and caring for it. Parkett Hinterseer shows what these are:

  • Before you start cleaning, remove dust and coarse dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Only use attachments that do not scratch the floor.
  • Both vinyl and laminate should never be damp or wet for a long period of time, otherwise they will absorb moisture and swell. Therefore: Wipe only damp and avoid standing water.
  • Pay attention to the mixing ratio of water and vinyl cleaner or laminate cleaner.
  • Allow the freshly mopped floor to dry with the windows open.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning agents such as scouring agents. This can destroy the structure of your vinyl or laminate floor.