It is essential that you do not use too much moisture when caring for it. Wring out the cloth well before you use it. In this way dries the parquet within a few minutes and the material does not swell. The specifically formulated cleaning and care products. are precisely matched to the properties and needs of your high-quality parquet. To make the care of the parquet floor as uncomplicated as possible, we recommend our environmentally friendly full care, which protects, maintains and gives an attractive shine to your wooden floor at the same time.

Our tip for durable parquet:
To avoid scratches, refrain from wearing high heels and bring on felt glides under chair legs/furniture.

The art of wood floor care

A wooden floor retains its beauty only through proper and regular care. We from Hinterseer offer you a variety of care products for, among other things, oiled floors, with which you can professionally maintain your natural wood floor . Our selection includes cleaning agents for basic cleaning as well as care products for regular maintenance cleaning. Even heavy soiling, grease and polish residues can be removed from your floors without attacking the wood. Also for special cleaning work during and after laying of your floor we have put together a suitable selection of suitable cleaning and care products. With respect to the material wood, give your floors a long-lasting shine with our wood care products. To our care products we also offer you the suitable cleaning utensils, such as the wet mop, dust mop and a practical active fiber cloth set.

Laminate care made easy

Laminate is considered a comparatively resilient floor covering in its use. However, the material makes certain demands on the owner, especially in the cleaning and care. You can achieve a streak-free shine and a clean and well-groomed appearance with the correctly selected and properly used cleaning and care products. Please note that under no circumstances should a laminate floor be wiped wet, but at best with a damp cloth. Standing moisture can cause the floor to swell around the joints. Fortunately, our laminate floor care products are designed to deal with this and provide excellent results when used and dosed correctly.

This is how you prevent laminate damage:

  • Wipe up spilled liquids immediately
  • do not use scouring milk, as it dulls the floor
  • Soil does not grow because the top layer is not wood