Parquet floors for an exclusive feeling of space

Parquet flooring is the top class of floor coverings. A room covered with parquet flooring radiates a special mixture of luxury and comfort that no other flooring can match. We at Parkett Hinterseer attach great importance to first-class products that make your living space look high quality and radiate a high degree of aesthetics. Warm wood colours with a smooth polished surface transform your room into a modern oasis of well-being. The material is equally popular; both for the upscale living ambience and for representative rooms. Whether office, restaurant or event room - the parquet floor is a synonym for style and dignity. In our webshop we offer you an extensive range of solid parquet flooring for your premises. Choose your natural floor from a variety of wood species and patterns, which will convince you with its charm and durability.

Solid parquet - a long-lasting companion without signs of age

Solid parquet is the ideal floor covering for true nature lovers. As the name suggests, this type of parquet is made of 100% solid precious wood. Our solid wood planks are available in the popular looks as strip, mosaic-, herringbone and industrial parquet. You can choose from a variety of domestic hardwoods and softwoods such as oak, cherry, walnut, pine or spruce as well as exotic species such as bamboo, merbau, mahogany or wenge. The plank flooring is extremely durable as it is made of pieces of solid wood with a thickness of 8 to 22 mm. This allows repeated sanding and touching up, which makes your solid wood floor look like new again and again and guarantees many years of pleasure. A special highlight are our wall panelling made of Swiss stone pine, oak or old wood. The stylish wall coverings in 3D give your home a cottage character and a cosy ambience. With us you will find colour-coordinated floors and wall coverings.

The right care for your parquet floor

Parquet is one of the most popular floor coverings. If the quality is right, the material is very durable. However, a wooden floor only retains its beauty through proper and regular care. So that you can enjoy your solid wooden floor for a long time, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Avoid strong cleaning agents, otherwise the wood will be attacked.
  • Do not clean the parquet too damp - otherwise there is a risk that the floor will swell.
  • Sweep the solid parquet regularly with a soft broom. In this way you will avoid scratches from sand and small stones.
  • Protect your floor with a professional sealant - in our online shop you will find the right accessories for your wood protection.
  • To avoid scratches, take off your shoes right at the front door.