Laying the floor: Accessories for the preparation phase

Different floors place different demands on professional installation. Whether this succeeds even without experience depends in part on the right tool. Therefore, you can expect a variety of vinyl, parquet and laminate accessories at Parkett Hinterseer.

Above all, the preparation of the substrate is decisive. You can use filler and leveling compound to even out small irregularities in the floor so that you can then spread the floor boards over an even surface. Primers and neutralizers can also be found here. For optimal insulation of your floor insulation underlays are quite suitable. These not only improve walking comfort, but at the same time reduce impact sound in the room and protect the ears of neighbors on the floor below you. Depending on which carpet pad you choose, impact sound insulation can also provide thermal insulation and prevent moisture from penetrating.

Floor installation made easy - with the right flooring accessories

With the help of various utensils, the installation of wood and laminate floors proceeds without complications. The accessories required depend on the desired installation method. Modern floor coverings are usually equipped with a click system, which is why the joining is done via milled grooves and springs. In this case, tapping blocks are used as an aid to fix the planks without gaps after they have been joined together during installation.

Bei einem leichten Schlag durch den Klotz schließen sich kleine Fugen. If you would like to glue your flooring over the entire surface, we have various parquet adhesives in our range.

Discover also

  • For a seamless transition between different rooms and coverings, special floor profiles are offered. The practical floor rails are available in various designs.
  • Our multifunctional dispersion adhesive is ideal for the installation of vinyl design flooring as well as other PVC floor coverings and carpet.
  • To aesthetically disguise heating and water pipes, we recommend sturdy pipe rosettes made of solid wood and plastic.

Equipment for the protection of your flooring

Der edle Belag schmückt mittlerweile die Böden Ihrer Wohnung. Damit Sie diesen nicht nach wenigen Jahren schon wieder erneuern müssen, sollten Sie sich gut um ihn kümmern. With the right care and maintenance the floor will remain as beautiful as at the beginning for a long time. You can support this longevity by attaching felt furniture glides to chair and table legs and furniture. This allows you to move furniture and co. at will without causing scratches in the floor.

If a mishap does happen, it's no big deal. With our repair kits for all floor coverings, you can easily repair small damages yourself. Thanks to a range of soft and hard waxes in different wood tones, you can fill scratches, holes, joints and damaged corners and then seal them.