Vinyl convinces not only with its simple installation, but also with a high-quality and stylish appearance.

Convince yourself and discover a wide selection of click vinyl at Parkett Hinterseer!

Click vinyl flooring - what distinguishes it?

Vinyl is the epitome of a homely, beautiful and individual floor. The elastic flooring has a multi-layer structure. This means that in addition to the actual floor, click vinyl is also equipped with an impact sound or an HDF middle layer. Click vinyl flooring is particularly strong, durable and long-lasting.

As the name suggests, vinyl flooring is installed using a modern click connection floating. In a floating installation, the planks are not connected to the substrate. During installation, the individual elements are arranged next to each other in such a way that they can be joined together with a quiet click.

At Parkett Hinterseer, in addition to Clickvinyl, you can also get vinyl for gluing and parquet.

Click vinyl: 9 advantages at a glance

  1. Vinyl is elastic and sound-absorbing .
  2. The floor covering scores with uncomplicated cleaning .
  3. There is a suitable vinyl model for every furnishing style .
  4. Click vinyl is suitable for both the private and commercial areas .
  5. Click vinyl flooring is insensitive to external influences and warm to the feet .
  6. Our eco vinyl does not use PVC or plasticizers and is therefore Healthy living .
  7. The installation is particularly easy and convenient . Professional help is not absolutely necessary!
  8. Whether tile, plank , oak, beech, light or dark - Click vinyl is available in different designs .
  9. Click vinyl is suitable for installation over hot water underfloor heating .

Preparation is everything: for a perfect end result

Laying a vinyl floor is very easy thanks to the click mechanism . In order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end, you should invest a little time in planning and preparation in advance. We show what is important:

  • Before you lay click vinyl from Parkett Hinterseer, it must acclimatize. To do this, place it in the desired room at least 24 hours before. Thus, you prevent dimensional differences and the material can evenly get used to the room temperature.
  • The subfloor should also be prepared for the installation. Depending on the type of click vinyl, you may need to remove old flooring and level out any unevenness. In the case of damaged areas, it is sufficient to seal them with a filler.
  • The floor must be clean and dry.

Click vinyl - with these tips, the installation is guaranteed to succeed

  • For the installation you need only few tools. Important are: Impact block, rubber hammer, spacer wedges, folding rule, cutter knife, jigsaw, pencil and ruler.
  • If you want to install click vinyl on screed or other mineral substrate, remember to use a special PE film that protects the floor from rising damp.
  • Start in the left corner of the room and lay the planks longitudinally towards the light.
  • The first row of planks of click vinyl should be laid so that the springs face the wall. Before you do this, cut off the longitudinal springs that are directly against the wall. Now you can arrange the first row flush. Keep a distance of at least ten millimeters to the wall, because vinyl also works.
  • For a coherent overall picture provide skirting, radiator rosettes and transition rails on doors.