Solid wood flooring: Ensure enthusiasm not only in apartments in old buildings

When you choose solid flooring, you invest in a durable and high-quality product. The planks not only come into their own in an apartment in an old building, but also give every room its own special charm. The floors made of solid wood look very stylish and cosy. They provide a natural living ambience and enhance your rooms. An investment in first-class solid wood flooring is worthwhile, as you can repair damage simply by sanding it down. This saves you the need to completely renew the floor. Solid wood flooring most clearly reflects the character of nature and is also beneficial for the indoor climate. At Hinterseer you can obtain planks in the following wood species: oak, spruce, pine, larch, ash, cherry and walnut. Whether light, dark, elegant or rustic versions - be inspired by our solid wood planks.

What makes wooden floorboards so unique?

Solid wood flooring offers many advantages. With the right care, you will have a lifetime of pleasure from this attractive wooden floor. Depending on whether you choose an already treated or untreated surface, maintenance is very easy. The floor simply needs to be vacuumed or swept and then wiped with a damp cloth.

If you decide on oak floorboards with a low thickness, underfloor heating is a good choice. We recommend a thickness of maximum 15 millimetres with a maximum width of 150 millimetres. In this way you can save on energy costs and always have warm feet in winter. The natural product ensures a pleasant indoor climate at all times. It absorbs excess humidity, stores it and releases it again when necessary. In contrast to 3-layer pre-finished parquet, solid wood planks have a particularly high wear layer, which allows you to sand down several times.

Advantages at a glance:
• Natural material
• Durable
• Pleasant room climate
• Foot warming
• Cosy ambience

What should you consider with wood?

Wood is a natural product that can expand and contract due to fluctuations in humidity. This can cause unpleasant joints and cracks in the floor. To prevent this from happening, pay attention to the air humidity in your room. An ideal value for solid wood flooring is 50 - 65%. By storing the planks in the respective room for at least 48 hours before installation, the material can acclimatise. This helps to prevent cracks and joints. In order for the wood to have room to work, a certain distance from the walls must be maintained.

Solid wood flooring: Robust and timeless

Wooden floorboards are made of a solid layer of wood. They can be glued over the entire surface or screwed to bearing timber. Final sanding is only carried out after laying. The surface is treated with a suitable oil, wax or varnish to seal the wood. If you have purchased an already oiled product, this step is not necessary. Choose floors made of solid wood planks and you will enjoy this noble and easy-care floor covering for generations. If you are interested in laminate flooring or vinyl flooring, you will also find what you are looking for.