While with sealed parquet the varnish lies like a protective skin, with unsealed parquet the oil penetrates deep into the pores and fills them. Only when the pores are filled with oil, they close. This type of finish is more susceptible to dirt than lacquered floors. For this reason, oiled parquet requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Strong on dirt, gentle on the floor: Which parquet cleaner should it be?

At Parkett Hinterseer, you will find a wide range of parquet cleaners that are precisely tailored to the needs of oiled floors. This is how you remove all kinds of dirt without attacking the wood or the oiled surface. In addition, you support the protective effect of the wood oil layer!

Wood floor soap

Wood floor soap convinces not only with cleaning, but also caring ingredients.. The soap not only helps to thoroughly remove light dirt, but at the same time forms a soap film on the wood surface. The refatting properties protect your wooden floor from daily wear and tear. Wood floor soap is also suitable for cleaning children's toys. Available in white, natural and gray.

Intensive cleaner

The parquet cleaner for oiled floors removes grease, dirt and residues of old cleaning and care products effectively but gently. Because the wipe water additive is very productive, the cleaner withstands numerous wiping passes. It can also be used for varnished parquet.


The water-soluble cleaning agents you can use for daily care.In addition to oiled and waxed wooden floors, it is also suitable for furniture, doors and wall and ceiling coverings. The natural oils contained in the wipe concentrate do not allow the wood to dry out. With regular application, an easy-care, non-slip surface is formed.


Your oiled wooden surfaces need a refresh? Then this parquet cleaner is just the thing! The mild care product not only removes dirt and stains, but also pampers your parquet with oil care. The protective film created by the oil components intensifies the natural wood color tone and makes the floor dirt and water repellent. Suitable for natural and white oiled floors.

Care and clean oiled parquet: 7 tips

  1. Only use parquet cleaners that are suitable for oiled parquet.
  2. Loose dust and dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner as well as a brush suitable for wood floors.
  3. Clean oiled parquet at regular intervals by adding wood floor soap. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for dosage.
  4. Wipe with two buckets. The first is filled with soapy water, the second with clear water. So you can rinse the mop in the second bucket.
  5. At every fifth mopping interval, replace the wood floor soap with a oil-refresher. This effectively refreshes the protective effect of the oil treatment.
  6. When cleaning oiled parquet, remove grease, heel marks and stuck dirt as soon as possible with an undiluted parquet cleaner.
  7. Hands off microfiber wipes! They cause fine cuts in the surface of your wooden floor.

Floor care with PARAT® wood floor soap: This is how it works

Wood floor soap is suitable for gentle cleaning of oiled, waxed and soaped floors. The refatting formula of the soap ensures that your parquet floor does not leach out. Parkett Hinterseer shows how to use the product correctly.

  • Remove dust and loose dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  • Shake the container well before use.
  • Mix 125 milliliters of the wood floor soap with 5 liters of lukewarm water.
  • Wring out cotton mop thoroughly and wipe the room from back to front.
  • Let dry well!