Parquet asreal wood flooringconvinces not only by its longevity and resilience, but also with its noble appearance. Parquet Hinterseer offers you a wide selection of different parquet cleaners. Whether oiled or lacquered - you will find the right care products for every surface.

Why parquet cleaning is so important

  1. If you take good care of your parquet, you will enjoy the flooring for a lifetime.
  2. Parquet cleaners remove dirt of various kinds.
  3. With the correct care you give wood back its natural shine.
  4. A thorough cleaning of the parquet frees the floor from old care products and stains.
  5. If you clean your parquet regularly with a parquet cleaner, you prevent stains from penetrating the wood and attacking the material.

Parquet cleaner for painted and oiled floors

A special parquet cleaner is designed precisely for the care needs of a parquet floor. It serves a gentle cleaning. At Parkett Hinterseer, you can expect an extensive range of parquet cleaners for basic cleaning as well as further products for the care of your wooden floor.

Painted floors

In a sealed parquet floor, the wood is protected from moisture and humidity by a layer of varnish. For this reason, the surface treatment is quite uncomplicated. The parquet care for lacquered floors leaves a dirt-repellent care film, which protects the wooden floor from premature wear. Small scratches can be filled. In addition, the life of the lacquer layer is thus extended.. Some of our parquet cleaners are available in different gloss levels. Make sure that the gloss level of the cleaner matches that of your current parquet sealant.

Oiled floors

The surface of oiled hardwood floors appears almost untreated. Although the pores are not closed, the parquet remains largely intact. Particularly recommended is Wood Floor Soap with natural fatty acids. Due to the refatting properties of the soap, the parquet floorboards not only get a beautiful shine, but also optimal protection. To refresh the oil layer, discover our maintenance oil. A variety of our wood floor cleaners are suitable for both sealed and unsealed floors. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for dosage. If you are unsure, check with us. Parkett Hinterseer will be happy to advise you on your choice.

What should I consider when cleaning my wooden floor?

  • Before you choose a wood floor cleaner, you should know what type of hardwood floor is installed in your premises. This is because a lacquered (sealed) floor requires different cleaning and maintenance than an oiled (unsealed) hardwood floor.
  • Refrain from using vinegar cleaner and conventional cleaning products, which you use universally in the household. Also a No-Go: cleaners whose effect you do not know. Test the product best on a unobtrusive place.
  • Be sure to wipe always mist damp. At best, puddles should never form.
  • With the help of a spray wiper, cleaning is not only convenient, but also effective. This way, you can always dose the parquet cleaner exactly
  • Use a cotton mop for wet cleaning. Microfiber can attack the delicate parquet floor and dull over time.