The flooring consists of individual wooden slats arranged on edge. The robust parquet floor has a thickness of up to 22 millimeters. For this reason, repeated sanding does not bother him. As the name suggests, the floor was first used during the industrialization period. At Hinterseer, you can get the flooring in the popular wood types maple, beech, oak and merbau. Browse through our assortment and get excited about the durable and beneficial floor.

What are the advantages of high-slat parquet flooring?

The parquet flooring is versatile and gives your premises a warm and natural atmosphere. The industrial parquet from Parkett Hinterseer is made of solid and high-quality wood. The product is cheap to purchase compared to other parquet floors. Therefore, this type of parquet is a great alternative to floors from higher price segments. The strength of the parquet guarantees you longevity. The advantage of this is that the floor will always look like new again through multiple sanding. No other parquet can be renovated so often. Industrial parquet is designed to withstand extreme wear and tear.Even driving over it with forklifts will not destroy the material. Most models of parquet Hinterseer industrial parquet are suitable for hot water underfloor heating. Thus, you will always have warm feet in winter. Since the flooring has no structure, it is very easy to clean. With this parquet flooring, appealing appearance meets extreme robustness. These factors make the parquet so special and popular.

How is industrial parquet constructed and where is it used?

Industrial parquet consists of individual lamellas that are joined together on edge with the help of adhesive tapes. The lamellas are made of solid wood. The parquet is delivered in raw form. After the floor is installed, it is sanded. To protect your parquet floor from external influences, you should seal the floor. Depending on your preference varnish or oil the surface with appropriate products.

The flooring is extremely resilient and resistant. Therefore, the parquet can be used in almost all areas. Whether in the object and industrial area, in apartments or representative buildings - the parquet floor always makes a good figure.

Special areas of application:

  • Factory rooms
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Gastronomy
  • hotel
  • Storage and workshops
  • Dry basement

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