Laminate - A versatile and hard-wearing floor covering

A beautiful floor covering is essential for the overall atmosphere of the room and your sense of well-being. Discover at Parkett Hinterseer the many possibilities for enhancing living spaces, offices and other properties with the clear modern look of a laminate floor. The resistant floor covering impresses with attractive designs as well as with uncomplicated installation and high utility value. Depending on the color and pattern, laminate gives every room a different ambience. Light and natural laminate colors are well suited for living and sleeping areas, whereas darker stone colors are often found in offices. As an inexpensive, easy-care and attractive alternative to parquet and floorboards, laminate is the floor covering of choice in many living areas and commercial properties. However, laminate is not suitable for wet rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms or saunas, as the material is sensitive to moisture.

The variety of decors

Laminate is a popular flooring material which, while maintaining high quality, imitates the appearance of a wooden floor covering or other substrate material in a deceptively real way. It consists of a carrier material and a decorative layer with a protective sealant. High-quality laminate floors are also equipped with impact sound insulation. They have a very carefully crafted decorative appearance which at first glance hardly differs from the imitation wood species. In our webshop you will find laminate in many sophisticated wood imitations, such as oak, maple, walnut or cherry, but also floors in stylish stone tile look such as anthracite or marbled slate. The laminate tile gives the room a high-quality and modern ambience.

High durability at an affordable price

It is above all the high durability and the uncomplicated laying of the material that make the laminate the first choice for an attractive floor covering after parquet flooring. The wear layer sealed by lamination withstands many stresses such as moisture, dirt and shoe heels, which would quickly wear out a natural wood floor with moderate care. We offer you laminate floorings, which are suitable either for living areas with frequent and heavy use or for commercial rooms with medium use. During installation, a practical click system is used instead of the laborious and time-consuming process of gluing the laminate together. This makes the floors self-aligning and reusable. The laminate floors from Parkett Hinterseer are all laid floating and are very quiet. In addition, our laminate floors can also be installed on a warm water underfloor heating system. In addition to quick and easy installation, the modern flooring also convinces with easy-care properties. Vacuum cleaning and damp wiping are sufficient to keep your floor in good condition for a long time. The smooth, high-quality sealant acts like an impregnation, allowing dirt and moisture to roll off without damaging the material. Our special laminate cleaner remove dirt, grease as well as shoe marks and neutralize bad smells.

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