Bamboo parquet: resistant to moisture and environmentally friendly

Bamboo parquet is extremely popular when it comes to choosing a floor covering. Bamboo parquet is not only impressive because of its exceptional appearance, but also because of its resistance to moisture. Bamboo floorboards are perfectly suited as floor covering because they are robust and durable. The warm colours of the parquet blend into every home and radiate cosiness. The parquet material also scores with sustainable aspects. Bamboo, for example, grows back very quickly - up to 30 centimetres per day are possible. Are you still looking for a type of parquet that brings variety? Then let yourself be inspired by first-class bamboo parquet and discover the diversity of the robust wooden flooring at Parkett Hinterseer. In addition to bamboo parquet you will find many other types of parquet such as solid parquet or multi-layer parquet.

Bamboo parquet: use and advantages

Regular bamboo parquet should not be laid in the living room and bedroom. The rooms are usually very dry and equipped with underfloor heating. At high temperatures bamboo tends to form cracks. If you still want to lay the floor covering in a living room, we recommend using a humidifier. However, at Parkett Hinterseer you can obtain industrial parquet made of bamboo, which is perfectly compatible with hot water underfloor heating.

Bamboo parquet is:

• Easy care
• Diverse
• Moisture resistant
• Robust
• Noble
• Sustainable

How to maintain the surface of bamboo parquet correctly

This type of parquet is characterised above all by its easy-care properties. Use primarily mild cleaning agents without colorants. Otherwise there is a risk that the bamboo floor will absorb the colour of the cleaner and discolour. We recommend that you wipe bamboo with a damp cloth, but not wet. Depending on whether you have a oiled or varnished bamboo floor, the care routine differs.

Oiled bamboo parquet should be maintained with a wooden floor soap and cotton cloths. To keep your floor looking beautiful for a long time, treat the material with wax or oil.

at regular intervals.

If you decide on lacquered parquet, the maintenance effort is very low. Cleaning is done with a damp soft cotton cloth. For optimum shine, a special polish or liquid hard wax is recommended.

To protect your parquet flooring from unsightly scratches and dents, you can fix felt glides under movable furniture and under chair and table legs. After many years of use, of course, signs of wear will become visible. In order to make these disappear and to let the floor shine in new splendour, it is advisable to grind the material. Due to the thickness of the parquet this can be done several times.