Long planks for a spacious feeling of space

Solid long planks, also called lock planks, are significantly wider than conventional planks. With a length of up to twelve metres, a single plank can extend over the entire room. With long planks you can create a special kind of atmosphere. Whether in private or commercial premises, the long planks represent an optical revolution and stretch every room. The individual planks create a closed and very high-quality look. They give your living area a whole new dimension. At Parkett Hinterseer you can obtain the seemingly endless long planks from Floor-Art Largo® in various wood species. Oak, ash, Douglas fir or fir - choose between an already treated and a raw sanded wood surface. Design your home with long planks from Hinterseer and set effective accents.

Advantages of long planks

Long planks are extremely popular because they create an illusion of infinite space. They give your premises a cosy ambience and create a charming old building feeling. With a three-layer structure, a high degree of dimensional stability is achieved. If this is required on underfloor heating, for example, this would be the better solution. Multiple sanding guarantees the durability of the multi-layer parquet. Moreover, parquet flooring as well as long planks are hygienically safe and easy to clean. The planks are also moisture-regulating. The wood stores the humidity of the summer and releases it again when the room air is dry. This process has a positive effect on the indoor climate.

The excellent thermal insulation properties ensure that the floor is always warm to the feet. As long planks are very resistant, they are suitable for use in public buildings as well as in living areas in your home. Depending on which design you choose, the planks are also suitable for hot water underfloor heating and damp areas (such as in the kitchen or utility room), subject to the care instructions.

Massive planks in a variety of wood species

At Parquet Hinterseer you can choose between long planks of the following woods:

  • • Douglas fir
  • • Ash
  • • Chestnut
  • • Elm
  • • Fir
  • • Swiss stone pine
  • • Oak
  • • Others on request

Oak floorboards in particular look back on a long tradition. The native wood species is on the one hand very classic, but on the other hand modern and timeless. Oak has a good durability, an excellent bending strength despite high elasticity. In addition, long planks made of oak are more resistant to moisture and rot than many other domestic woods, making them the better choice for damp rooms. Choose the wood that best suits your interior design.

Long planks: Cleaning and maintenance

As soon as the planks are laid, the first cleaning is due. But don't worry - parquet floorboards are extremely easy to care for and durable. Coarse dirt and grime are best removed with a vacuum cleaner. For stubborn stains, a damp cloth is recommended. This will prevent water from penetrating the boards and attacking the wood. To protect the planks from wear and tear, treat the long planks at regular intervals with special care products. If the parquet has been subjected to heavy wear, simply sand it down. After you have treated the surface accordingly, your long planks will shine like new again.