The material allows a wide range of design options in your premises. For this reason, it is ideally suited for all laying patterns. The combination of different types of wood creates appealing effects on your floor. Whether oak, beech, olive wood, with fishbone pattern or parallel bond - Hinterseer has the right strip parquet for every taste and room on offer. Let us inspire you and transform your home into a cozy place of well-being!

What distinguishes strip parquet?

The parquet is assembled from individual rods with the tongue and groove principle. The plug-in system gives the individual boards their firm connection. Depending on the arrangement, different aesthetic patterns result. Decide for yourself which one you like best and fits into your living space. The solid wooden rods have a thickness of up to 22 millimeters, which makes the flooring extremely robust. The width and length of the rods can vary between 4 - 8 centimeters, as well as 25 - 100 centimeters.

The flooring is popular due to its high load capacity. Therefore, the parquet is suitable both in private housing and for commercial and industrial buildings. The material can be sanded several times in case of scratches or stains. The loose strips allow for a variety of patterns, giving you unlimited possibilities in interior design.

Installation Patterns:

  • Fishbone
  • Cube
  • Naval
  • Parallel bond

Recommendation: have parquet installed by a professional

Since the strip parquet is fully glued to the subfloor, it is recommended to have a professional install it. Make absolutely sure that the subfloor has no unevenness. After installation, the parquet floor must be sanded. With a surface sealant, the installation is then complete and your parquet is protected from wear and tear and heavy use. With the suitable lacquers and oils from Parkett Hinterseer, the sealing succeeds in no time.

Care parquet properly

To ensure that your floor llong retains its high-quality appearance, it requires regular cleaning and care. Use primarily mild cleaning and care products that do not attack the material, but still provide hygienic cleanliness and a warm shine. When cleaning your parquet, do not work with too much moisture under any circumstances. Wring out the rag well before you use it. In this way, your floor will dry quickly and the material will not swell. To enjoy your floor for a long time, install felt glides under chair legs and furniture to prevent scratches.