Who invests in the long-lasting and stylish floor, will not regret his decision even after 15 years - promised! Give your home a special kind of room feeling with parquet from Parkett Hinterseer.

Solid parquet vs. multilayer parquet: what's the difference?

  • Parquet is divided into two major groups: Multilayer and solid parquet category. While multi-layer parquet (also called prefabricated parquet) is composed of several layers, solid parquet consists of a continuous solid precious wood covering.
  • Prefinished parquet is available in either two-layer or three-layer versions. Parquet floors with two layers consist of a layer of wood as a top layer and an offset carrier layer of small wooden sticks. In the case of three-layer parquet, an additional layer is added in the form of a counter-move. The different course directions of the individual areas ensure that the parquet flooring is extremely stable.
  • Both types of parquet are very durable. Depending on the thickness of the parquet floorboard, you can sand and touch up several times.

8 reasons why parquet flooring is the right choice!

    1. Parquet flooring is timeless.
    2. Parquet flooring made of real wood will last a lifetime if well maintained.
    3. The flooring gives a noble character to any space.
    4. The Parkett Hinterseer range is extremely versatile.
    5. Parquet can be combined with any interior style.
    6. Parquet floorboards to lay is in most cases even without professional help possible.
    7. There are countless design options.
    8. Parquet improves the indoor climate, as it is moisture-regulating.

What choices do I have with parquet flooring?

Parquet is a facetted flooring, which can be adapted to your requirements 100 percent. You can freely decide on the following criteria and in the end install your desired floor:


Solid or multilayer parquet

Plank look

Solid or multilayer parquet

Plank look

Multilayer parquet: country house floorboard,long floorboard
Solid parquet flooring: Solid plank,Wall panel

Wood type

Bamboo, beech, oak, ash, spruce, walnut, maple, Douglas fir, larch, smoked as well as red oak and many more

Color tone

Brownish, dark, light, reddish


Two-layer and three-layer, solid

Surface treatment

Oiled, lacquered, raw (natural)



brushed, planed, smooth, hand-finished, textured


Various lengths, widths, thicknesses

Suitability for underfloor heating

Please ask for the suitability


yes or no

Tips and tricks for parquet floor cleaning

      • If you want to remove dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner, you should use an intact brush attachment. Otherwise, there is a risk of scratching the parquet floor with small stones and sharp edges.
      • Finger away from microfiber bristles and cloths! The sharp-edged hairs can ruin your noble parquet floor.
      • Mop only damp with a cotton mop.
      • For wet cleaning, use mild care products that have been specially developed for parquet.
      • Remove spills immediately, otherwise moisture can penetrate the wood or the floorboards can become discolored.
      • With intact clean felt glides under tables, chairs and furniture, you can move them with a clear conscience without damaging the parquet floor.

Oiled or lacquered: Which surface treatment may it be?

    • Oiled parquet
      Oiled parquet is not more sensitive to dirt and moisture than sealed parquet. During the surface treatment, the pores remain open and the wood can "breathe". The parquet floor convinces with a uniform matte surface. You should treat oiled parquet regularly with a special care oil to refresh the top protective layer.
    • Painted/sealed parquet
      At this point, the wood pores are completely closed to prevent the penetration of dust and moisture. The advantage here is that lacquered parquet floorboards from Parkett Hinterseer are very resistant and easy to maintain. Would you like to repair the surface after several years, you must first sand the entire surface and then rework.