The family business Hinterseer guarantees you the best quality parquet floors for decades. In the classical sense, we distinguish between two types of parquet - solid parquet and multilayer parquet.

Multi-layer parquet is composed of two or three layers of wood glued together. The top layer consists of a wear layer of selected hardwoods such as oak, walnut or bamboo. The other layers are made of softwood. It is also called finished parquet, because the floor can be used immediately after installation. The surface treatment of the multilayer parquet with wax, varnish and/or oil is already done before installation. For this reason, no further treatment is necessary. Due to the multi-layer structure, the parquet is especially dimensionally stable and the expansion of the material is limited to a minimum. Due to the robust wear layer with a thickness of circa 2.5 - 6 mm, the floor can be sanded several times and provided with a new surface protection in case of heavy wear and tear, depending on the wear layer.

Two-layer or three-layer parquet?

Multi-layer parquet we offer in two and three layers. Which one you ultimately choose depends on the build-up height of your screed and your requirements. The two-layer variant is called the middle ground between solid parquet and finished parquet. The parquet with three layers is considered finished parquet. The installation of the 2-layer parquet is a little more laborious, because these usually smaller formats must be glued over the entire surface, but in the long run it is more durable. If you are considering underfloor heating, this product is also recommended. In this way, the optimal thermal performance of underfloor heating can be exploited. Due to the three-layer model, some of the heat is lost.

Advantages of multilayer parquet

Multi-layer parquet is characterized by a long service life and high stability. The tongue-and-groove or click connection make it possible to install even without expert help. In addition, the project is done quickly and dust-free. The multilayer structure of the parquet makes it extremely dimensionally stable. Consequently, it works less and is therefore the optimal floor covering for underfloor heating. The finished parquet can be laid floating or glued over the entire surface. The material convinces with modernity and a high-quality appearance. Since the surface is already end-treated before installation, you save the sanding and a treatment with appropriate care products afterwards.


Choose this type of parquet if you want an easy-to-handle floor with a long life. With us you can find multi-layer parquet in a wide variety of wood types, such as maple, oak, bamboo, larch and ash. Choose your favorite from our selection, whether it's a rustic vintage look or a classic design, we have the right hardwood floor for you.

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