Ship's floor parquet: Joho and a bottle of rum

The popular laying pattern ship floor look creates a maritime flair, because the design is reminiscent of the planks of large ships that once sailed across the sea. For this reason, ship's floor parquet is an eye-catcher of a very special kind. Bring a piece of nostalgia into your home and feel like being on the high seas. At Parkett Hinterseer you will find the classic pattern in various designs. Whether oak, beech, maple, ash, lacquered or oiled - a ship's floor parquet fits in every room.

Parquet flooring in ship-floor style: Laying and assembly

Ship's floors are available as multi-layer parquet as well as solid parquet. The parquet type consists of staggered bar elements next to each other. This arrangement creates the unmistakable and individual look of a ship deck. This creates a dynamic overall picture. Even inexperienced hobbyists can lay the three-layer parquet flooring in no time at all with the help of a practical click system. The top layer of the multi-layer parquet in ship's floor look also consists of two to three rows of solid wood strips. Depending on which model you choose, the surface is either oiled or lacquered. Underneath this is a carrier plate made of solid wood strips glued across the top layer. To ensure that the plank retains its shape and withstands the loads, the bottom layer forms a counter layer of real wood veneer.

Advantages of the ship's bottom

The installation method, which resembles a ship deck, has many advantages. A big advantage is that your premises will be given more length in terms of appearance. So every room, no matter how small, is stretched. PARAT® and Floor-Art® marine flooring is easy to lay, hygienic, warm to the feet, dimensionally stable and a perfect fit. When you lay the floor, you have comparatively little waste. The irregular joints are ideal for an open bond. Lay the floorboard next to the plank and use the remaining piece of one row as the starting piece of the next. A ship's floor is ultimately characterised by its irregularities. You too can bring the robust look of a ship deck into your living area. Furniture, whether rustic or modern, is additionally refined by the floor.

What is the difference between ship floor parquet and a plank ?

The two types of parquet differ in the size of their elements. Whereas in the case of strip flooring, several staves are always staggered per plank, in the case of strip flooring there is only one stave per plank in the 1-strip plank. In terms of quality, both options do not take anything away from each other. It is only a matter of taste which look you like more.

The correct care of varnished and oiled parquet floors

For you to enjoy your beautiful parquet floor for a long time, the right care is essential. Depending on whether you choose marine hardwood flooring with an oiled or lacquered surface, there are differences in care:


To protect your flooring from dirt and moisture, re-oil your ship's floor parquet regularly - we recommend in the living area once a year. To do this, first clean the parquet with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the floor with a damp cloth. After the wiping water has evaporated, wipe the floor with an appropriate maintenance oil. This is very easy, but it takes a little longer to dry than if you wipe with water. Maintenance cleaning is simply done by regular vacuuming and damp wiping, you determine the interval as required. Alternatively, you can use a wood floor soap, which can contain cleaning substances as well as caring oils and waxes.


Compared to oiled parquet floorboards, lacquered parquet already has a protective layer of environmentally friendly water-based lacquer. Clean the floor with cold water. A PARAT® full care product in the mopping water provides a little more shine. For heavy soiling, use special PARAT® intensive cleaners. In general: Please follow the care instructions in the download area.