The floor can hardly be distinguished from tiles made of real stone in terms of appearance and also scores with a series of positive properties.

Browse through our range and discover tile laminate in all of its most beautiful facets!

12 reasons that will convince you of tile laminate!

  1. Easy care
  2. Click laminate
  3. Low emissions
  4. All-round bevel
  5. Versatile designs
  6. Resource-saving
  7. Resistant to pressure and abrasion
  8. High UV resistance
  9. High quality laminate floor
  10. Upgrades every room
  11. Suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  12. Low installation height enables rapid heat conduction with hot water underfloor heating

Tile laminate vs. stone tiles: Why the laminate alternative is the better choice!

You are faced with the decision of tile laminate or stone tiles? We compare the flooring options and crown a winner at the end.

  • Foot warm

Tiles made of real stone have the disadvantage that they cool down quickly. However, this provides enthusiasm only in the summer. Without underfloor heating, a tiled floor can not develop heat and gives you cold feet on gray autumn and winter days. Especially in the bathroom or living room, a cold floor is quite unpleasant. In contrast, tile laminate is warm to the feet - even without underfloor heating.

  • Cleaning

Laminate from Parkett Hinterseer convinces with an excellent quality of workmanship. For this reason, with good care, you will have many years of enjoyment from the authentic flooring. Tile laminate does not cost you much effort. While laminate rarely has joints, a tile floor made of stone always has joints. In these, dirt and dust collect, which makes cleaning much more difficult. Water stains and limescale can quickly form on tiles in the kitchen. These can be easily removed from the laminate.

  • Acquisition costs

When choosing between the original and the optical imitation, you should not ignore the price. Especially in larger living spaces, buying real stone tiles can prove to be very expensive. If you choose tile laminate, you will save money in the end.

  • Installation

Tile installation is very costly and time-consuming. With our tile laminate, we make the installation as easy as possible for you. It is equipped with a quick installation system: Simply click the elements into each other, snap them into place and you're done!

Conclusion: Laminate in tile-look convinces in many respects and is in any case an excellent choice!

Which tile design for which room?

Parkett Hinterseer offers you a wide selection of different laminate decors. Which tile look suits you and your space best, we reveal in the following!

Inspire with timeless charm

Depending on the desired room effect, you can choose between dark and light tile laminate. While light shades of cream, beige and gray look friendly and inviting, brown and dark gray tiles create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, delicate shades make cramped rooms appear larger and airier.

A touch of the Arabian Nights

If you are looking for a very special floor, you will find it here. Discover tile laminate with floral ornaments and impressive color combinations. The oriental floor comes into its own particularly well in large rooms. Whether in light-flooded offices, in the living room at home or in the rest area of a SPA' s - the floor covering is versatile!

In addition to laminate, we also offer solid parquet and multi-layer parquet in numerous designs.