Why should I use patio care regularly

The wooden or WPC planks on your terrace look beautiful and very homely. To keep it that way, you need to treat them regularly with the right decking care. This will ensure that the boards can be used for a long time despite heavy wear and tear and always look well cared for. Our high-quality wood care products for outdoor use create a smooth, even and durable surface. They reduce natural swelling and shrinkage and their open pores allow the wood to breathe. The coatings are harmless to humans, animals and plants.

Changing weather conditions are one of the biggest factors for wear, drying out, swelling and greying of decking boards. To ensure that your outdoor area remains a permanent oasis of relaxation, you should protect your wooden floor from weather-related damage such as swelling or unsightly cracks.

Of course, you can use patio care products for all wooden elements outdoors, including garden furniture, screens, balcony railings, patio canopies or carport struts.

What are patio care products and what do I need them for?

Regular use of patio care products is the basis for a permanently beautiful patio. The products are ideally matched to the respective wood. Resysta or WPC decking need different care products than a wooden deck.

Your outdoor floor should be water-repellent, dirt-resistant and resistant to UV radiation at all times. Use special cleaners and maintenance oils to clean the wood, maintain it and keep it supple. The colour will shine again after treatment.

It is always essential to choose a suitable oil. At Parkett Hinterseer, you can choose from various high-quality care products for all common types of decking wood, including Douglas fir, larch, teak, Bangkirai and Merbau. End edge waxes seal the particularly susceptible outer corners as well as cross-sections that quickly become frayed. You will also find the right decking care product for thermowood with its special properties in our online shop.

How to maintain my terrace properly?

Especially after the winter, the greyed surface shows that it is high time to treat the wood with decking care.

1. Cleaning

In order for the care product to work, you must first clean the terrace. To do this, remove coarse dirt and apply the product according to the instructions for use. Now use a coarse brush - you can't do it without scrubbing. After cleaning, the wood should be allowed to dry properly. Depending on the weather and temperature, this can take up to 48 hours.

2. Care

However, you can only protect your patio floor from environmental influences with the right oil. Choose the oil according to the type of wood. Spread the patio care product thinly and evenly on the clean and dry wood. Allow it to dry thoroughly - this can take about twelve hours. If the floor is particularly sensitive or in need of care, it is advisable to repeat the application..

3. Feel good

Thanks to our high-quality patio care products, your outdoor wooden floor will look like new again. You will enjoy it for a long time.

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