This also applies to parquet floors made of real wood. To meet the demands of everyday life, your wooden floor needs a protective layer that not only protects it from various influences, but also provides a beautiful finish. At Parkett Hinterseer, you're in the right place if you're looking for high-quality parquet oil. Browse through our diverse range - with us no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Advantages at a glance

  1. Protection from the inside
  2. Wood oil is absorbed deep into the treated parquet floor. It strengthens and protects the wood from the inside.

  3. Natural beauty
  4. Wood oil has the advantage of bringing out the original wood color tone. The oil combines with the wood of the multi-layer parquet and provides a contrasting grain. Depending on the oil used, the color tone will be darker, richer or brighter.

  5. Wood can breathe
  6. The pores are not clogged when applying the parquet oil. It provides very good protection, but does not seal the wood. Thus, your wooden floor remains breathable, which you feel when you walk barefoot over it. The indoor climate is also positively influenced.

  7. Touch up scratches
  8. Small irregularities can be easily corrected on an oiled floor - unlike lacquered parquet.

Which parquet oil should it be?

Basically, we distinguish parquet oils between hard oil and hard wax oil. But what distinguishes them?

Hard oil

Hard oil has an impregnating effect and does not leave a film on the parquet. Thus, the wood can breathe. Due to the circulation of floor and room air, hard oil is particularly suitable for living rooms.

Hard wax oil

When hard wax oil is applied, a protective layer is laid on the floor. The wood pores are thus closed, which prevents air exchange. In return, parquet flooring treated with hardwax oil is less sensitive to moisture as well as signs of wear and is extremely wear-resistant. Hard wax oil is suitable for heavily used rooms.

At Parkett Hinterseer you will find not only different parquet oils, but also various colors. Colorless oils are universally applicable, as they emphasize the natural color of the wood. With pigment oil you can customize the color of your parquet floor to your liking.

Apply parquet oil - this is how it works

  1. First, sand the parquet. Only then can the pores absorb the valuable oil.
  2. Remove dust and grinding residues. Also ensure a room temperature of 18 to 25° C. Make sure that no sunlight falls on the floor.
  3. Open windows and doors to allow good air circulation.
  4. Stir the parquet oil carefully and roll or trowel the oil onto the wooden floor according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. In the corners we recommend the use of a brush.
  6. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, the parquet oil must now be allowed to soak in. After the specified exposure time, remove the excess oil manually or mechanically with a cotton cloth. Caution, the rag could ignite by itself. Wet it with water and lay it flat outside to dry on a non-combustible surface in the shade.

Care tips for oiled parquet floors

  • Regularly reach for the broom or vacuum cleaner. Make sure that they are equipped with a soft brush.
  • Never wipe damp, but always mist-damp. Otherwise, too much water will remain.
  • Use wood floor soap for cleaning. This dissolves light soiling without attacking the wood. In addition, it scores with refatting properties.
  • After cleaning, let the floor dry well.
  • To renew the oil layer from time to time, a so-called oil refresher is a good idea. The care product gives your wooden floor a new shine.