The practical ready-made parquet scores especially with its stylish and multifaceted appearance. The planks are easy to install and are ready for immediate use due to the pre-treatment. The type of treatment with color oils or wax provides a fine accentuation and nuance of the natural grains. There is a suitable parquet model for every taste. Thanks to the simple installation technique of our country house floorboards, a cohesive and noble image of a high-quality natural floor is created. Whether house or rental apartment - the planks create a unique and timeless atmosphere in any living space. Choose from oiled/waxed as well as lacquered your country house floorboards favorite.

A flooring with numerous advantages

If you are still looking for the right flooring, then let yourself be inspired by the advantageous country house floorboards. These score not only with a beautiful appearance, but also with a variety of properties:

  • diverse wood selection (oak, pine, larch, walnut)
  • available as 2- oder 3-layered parquet
  • dimensionally stable due to cross-glued wood layers
  • durable
  • universally applicable
  • allergy friendly and hygienic
  • compatible with underfloor heating
  • natural material
  • cozy country house atmosphere
  • improvement of the indoor climate

Another advantage is that you can easily lay the planks yourself. Due to the clever installation system, no professional help is needed. In case of heavy wear, the multilayer parquet can be sanded and retreated without any problems due to its manufacturing. In this way, you can enjoy the robust flooring for several decades. Country house floorboards convince with stability, high quality and durability.

Tips for handling country house floorboards

To ensure that you can enjoy the high-quality wooden floor for a long time, there are a few points to consider.

Temperature and humidity

Country house floorboards are extremely robust and resilient. So that the planks remain in their original form, a room temperature between 18 and 22 degrees is recommended. The humidity value of 55 to 65 percent avoids the deformation of the surface as well as the formation of joints.

Cleaning and care

The right care and cleaning is crucial for the life of the floorboards. Dirt can be removed in no time with a broom or vacuum cleaner. To prevent scratches, eliminate sand or small stones immediately. It is a good idea to damp mop the floor every two weeks. Too much water can cause great damage to the wooden floor. Also, refrain from using chemical and grease-dissolving cleaning agents, as they attack the oiled surface. Special care products from Parkett Hinterseer provide the optimal shine and protect the material from wear. Apply the care oil with a cotton cloth let it dry well.