Varying stresses

One of the most heavily used surfaces in the house is flooring such as parquet. Every day you walk on it, children play on the floor and if you have pets, their claws scratch over it. You carry dirt in from outside and if you drop something, dirt gets on the wood. It's similar with a countertop in the kitchen or dining tables. Food residues, liquids and mechanical stresses permanently affect the material and penetrate the structure.

Protection for your wood

There are several ways to protect your wood from abrasion and dirt. It is best to seal the surface and thus protect the material. Especially when surfaces come into contact with food, this is important for reasons of hygiene. Depending on the use, other products are therefore suitable:

  • Beeswax is the most natural care for your wood surfaces. It is best for furniture and toys, emphasizes the texture and makes the natural material water repellent and easy to clean.
  • Decorative wax protects and refines wood in the interior. It is dirt and water repellent and abrasion resistant, while providing a pleasant surface.
  • Clear wax is particularly suitable for hardwoods. It penetrates deep into the material and gives the wood a water-repellent surface.
  • Hardwax oil is specially tailored for floors. It resists various liquids, is abrasion resistant and water and dirt repellent.
  • Maintenance oil is also for wooden floors. It is recommended to refresh the floor after a long period of use, depending on the stress.

Properly apply wood preservative for interior

Depending on the surface and the protective agent, different working methods are important. Wax is best applied to pre-treated surfaces. First work them with steel wool or other accessories, to roughen them up. Then use a brush for interior wood preservation. To oil large areas such as the floor, short-pile rollers are suitable to cover as much as possible at once. For smaller areas, a paintbrush will suffice. Then massage the oil into the grain with a lint-free cloth. It is best to use gloves when doing this to protect your hands. Follow the instructions for use of the respective product.

Wood preservation for inside at Hinterseer

The products in the offer of Hinterseer are a combination of natural oils and wax. Thus, they combine their advantages. Due to the vegetable ingredients, they are harmless to humans, animals and plants when dried. Therefore, they are even suitable for children's toys. Convince yourself of the quality and order your suitable wood protector for indoors.