Ship floor laminate in dynamic 3-strip look

  • At Parkett Hinterseer, you can get laminate in the style of a ship's floor as a 3-strip variant. This means: On one panel, three wooden strands are arranged offset next to each other and glued together. This gives your rooms a lively and cosy overall impression. With 3-strip laminate, you have numerous options when it comes to living room design. For example, if you want to visually stretch a room and create a harmonious mood at the same time, shipfloor laminate is the perfect choice. The slight irregularity created by the staggered bars loosens up the feeling of the room considerably.
  • You can also influence the effect of a room with the colour of the decorative layer. While dark wood pieces in the floor radiate a cosy homely warmth, bright vibrant colours make the room feel modern and larger.

Discover our laminate also as plank or tile!

Tips for the amateur craftsman - how to install in no time

Thanks to the patented fast installation system megaloc, the laminate planks from Parkett Hinterseer can be laid on almost all dry and level subfloors  floating  The megaloc principle ensures that you can lay the laminate flooring in ship's bottom look up to three times faster than with conventional systems.

You've never laid laminate before? Don't worry - the quick installation system requires no special prior knowledge!

  1. Always work from left to right. The tongue side of the planks should always face the wall. Be careful not to step on the edges when laying the boards. This will prevent any damage.
  2. Use spacer wedges to ensure a continuous expansion joint of at least 10 millimetres, all around the edge-wall joint and between the spaces in the door sills.
  3. The installation should always be carried out at a 90° angle to the walls.
  4. A ship's floor-style laminate plank to start or finish the row should be at least 25 centimetres long - as should the joint offset.
  5. Lay out the first plank in the left room corner. All further elements of this row, simply click horizontally into each other. This aligns the respective head joints flush with each other. Finally, click into place and you're done!
  6. To guarantee that the floor can be reinstalled when it is removed, first lift the last row of flooring out of the click connection. Then pull the individual laminate planks off each other.