Your modern and high-quality floor will be completed by a first-class processed skirting board. Its task is, on the one hand, to cover the joint that inevitably occurs between the wall and the installed flooring. On the other hand, the baseboard provides the wall with a protective barrier against dirt and shocks. The baseboards, which are matched to the flooring, not only form a harmonious wall finish, but are also an attractive visual and functional addition to your furnishings. At Parkett Hinterseer you will find a various assortment of stylish skirting boards and baseboards made of natural solid wood, real wood veneer skirting boards, foil-covered decorative skirting boards with MDF core (medium density fiberboard) and pipe skirting boards.

The agony of choice - finding the right bar

Making the right decision is not always easy. The skirting board should on the one hand emphasize your room concept and on the other hand fit the shape and size of your room. We offer a variety of high-quality baseboards and skirting boards to complete your newly installed floors. Of course, you can also give existing floors a neat finish with our accessories. When renovating or refurbishing, it is wise to replace worn skirting boards that show signs of use. If the skirting board matches the installed floor perfectly, the result will be a coherent appearance of the room. Baseboards that contrast in color with your wood floor create an interesting effect. However, there is a risk that they will emphasize the box shape of the room. Here it is advisable to consult the interior designer you trust. If your furniture does not have cutouts for baseboards in the first place, when choosing it, look for relatively flat models. This will allow you to place your furnishings close to the wall.

What else is there to consider?

  • For low ceilings, narrow baseboards are suitable, so that the room does not look squat. The higher the room, the wider the baseboards can be.
  • Orient the selection of moldings to the floor covering. Baseboards made of wood fit perfectly with laminate or parquet floor.
  • If you have walls painted in color, they harmonize particularly well with white baseboards.

Strips make pipes and cables disappear

Last but not least, the decision to choose a skirting board also depends on its intended function. Floor moldings not only form a visually pleasing transition from floor to wall, but are also used to hide cables and pipes behind them. The wall termination strips are equipped with different fastening systems that allow easy and convenient fixation of the strip to the wall. Our decorative skirting boards and many of our skirting boards can be either screwed to the wall, nailed, glued or placed on a base profile, which you can also get from our webshop.

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