Especially in summer, the terrace or balcony becomes an outdoor living room. Wooden decking boards score not only with their natural beauty, but also with their versatility. Whether for the terrace in the garden, on the balcony, the roof terrace or as a pool or pond border - wooden decking boards add charm and a personal touch to your outdoor area. Discover wooden decks made of Douglas fir, larch, bangkirai, bamboo and ash at Parkett Hinterseer and let yourself be enchanted!

Decking wood and its properties

Douglas fir is becoming more and more widespread in forests. The wood species is resistant and durable. The wood is inexpensive to purchase and scores with an attractive exterior. Douglas fir is a sustainable choice for your wooden terrace, as the wood grows back very quickly and the stock is therefore always secure.

The exotic hardwood is characterised above all by its durability. It is more resistant to fungi and insects than softwood. The uniform appearance, which is characterised by a red to reddish-brown colour gradient and has very few knots, blends wonderfully into any outdoor area.

Bamboo has a lower swelling and shrinkage behaviour. The decking boards are also more UV and colour resistant than most woods. Due to the excellent dimensional stability, you can enjoy the bamboo decking for a long time. With bamboo decks, you bring a very special visual touch to your terrace. With good care, the heavy elements can provide many years of enjoyment.

Thermo ash:
The thermally treated wooden deck made of ash has a very special charm of its own. With good care, the user will enjoy the deck for several decades. It shows low shrinkage and swelling. Another advantage is better rot and weather resistance.

Advantages of a wooden terrace

Wooden decking boards blend seamlessly into their surroundings and exude elegance and comfort to a high degree. The planks usually have a smooth surface or grooves of varying thickness on the top and bottom.In addition, a wooden terrace is durable and easy to erect. Wood is an easy material to work with. Unlike stone terraces, there is no need to build a solid foundation. To maintain the natural colour of your wooden terrace for a long time, it requires regular cleaning and care. To do this, you need suitable care products, which you can find under the heading decking-accessoires. The pleasant feeling underfoot also speaks in favour of wooden terrace flooring. Wooden decking has a low thermal conductivity. For this reason, the wooden floor heats up less in direct sunlight than, for example, terraces made of stone. Discover different designs of decking boards at Parkett Hinterseer and choose your favourite from our range.