Whether in living spaces or in the commercial sector - floors are put to the test day after day. Discover parquet varnish at Parkett Hinterseer! With us you will find a suitable product for every room and every requirement.

Parquet varnish - what is it?

Parquet varnish is used for the treatment of parquet and wooden floors. With application of the sealer your floor will get a robust and easy to clean surface. It also protects the wood floor from dirt, discoloration, moisture and scratches. At Parkett Hinterseer you can get parquet varnish in different gloss levels – from silk matt to high gloss.

What versions are available?

  • One-component parquet varnish (1K)

  • 1K lacquer is a low-odor parquet sealant that is dissolved in water. This means that the varnish has a very low solvent content. It scores with a high wear resistance and is suitable for wooden floors in the demanding living area. In addition, the parquet varnish withstands both high mechanical and chemical stress.

  • Two-component parquet varnish (2k)

  • 2K parquet sealer is more resistant to scratches than 1K varnish and is therefore ideally suited for wood floors in the commercial sector. The additional component ensures that 2K Parquet Varnish cures faster, achieves a significantly higher stress class and still remains elastic.

  • Three-component parquet varnish (3K)

  • In this variant, UV protection is added to the varnish. This component acts similar to sunscreen and prevents the harmful UV rays from significantly changing the color of your solid parquet. This will prevent yellowing and strong darkening of the wood of the wood..

What are the advantages of parquet varnish?

  • Was sind die Vorteile von Parkettlacken?
  • If you have sealed your floor with parquet varnish, the cleaning and maintenance will be a breeze. The smooth surface is easily swept, vacuumed and wiped.

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  • Simply apply
  • You have never worked with parquet varnish? No problem - even inexperienced hobby craftsmen can apply it without any problems. It is best to use a roll attached to a telescopic rod.

  • resistant
  • Choose the varnish that suits your expected use. There are lacquers specifically for living spaces as well as for dance floors or commercial use..

  • elastic surface
  • The advantage of painting: No rigid layer is created! For example, the high-quality coatings from Parkett Hinterseer are characterized by a certain degree of elasticity.

How to apply our parquet varnish correctly

  1. The wooden floor is clean and ready sanded. Then you can now seal your floor. Before you start to apply the varnish, shake the canister carefully.
  2. Pour the liquid into a suitable container, which you have previously covered with foil. This will save you from having to clean the bucket later.
  3. TApply the paint evenly with a roller or brush in the direction of the main light source. Start in the back right corner of the main light source parallel to the window of the room and work your way forward towards the door.
  4. Make sure that the edges of the roller or brush do not dry.
  5. After the first coat has dried, the second coat can be applied.
  6. After a drying time of 12-24 hours at a room temperature of 20° C, the floor is ready for intermediate sanding.
  7. Clean the surface and remove dust and sanding residues.
  8. After that, it's the turn of the third job. You can walk on the floor after about 3 to 4 hours. Fully loadable is the painted parquet floor after 3 to 5 days.