Solid wood skirtings

The detail for the perfect finish

When choosing skirtings for the clean wall finish of valuable wooden floors, we recommend our solid wood skirtings in many types of wood and different colors. The quality of professionally processed precious woods makes a skirting board the crowning touch to a precious floor. Perfect the appearance of your parquet or plank flooring with the matching finishing strips made of real wood and create a successful transition from the floor to the wall.

Skirtings from simple functional to elaborately beautiful

In accordance with your idea of a high-quality floor and your interior design style, pay attention to the appropriate design when selecting floors and skirtings. It goes without saying that not only the taste but also the functionality is important for the use of solid wood skirtings. In addition to the visual transition from floor to wall, end skirtings also offer practical features. They cover expansion joints and protect the walls during floor maintenance.

Professional installation of wall end strips

Depending on the model you can install our solid wood slats in various ways. You have the option of screwing or nailing the mouldings to the wall, gluing them or laying them on matching profiles if the fastening mechanisms are to remain invisible. Decisive for your decision is the style of the floor as well as your demand for a clean wall connection with solid wood strips suitable for the floor. We offer you solid wood mouldings with bevel made of untreated wood, which you can oil, stain or varnish according to your taste, or mouldings that have already been varnished. You can also find veneer covered skirtings with oak core in our webshop. Especially popular for elegantly furnished rooms is the model "Altberliner Profil" with its detailed fine curve.