Since there are now countless options in a floor, the decision is often not easy. However, if you want a natural and comfortable room atmosphere for your home, you will make the right decision with country style laminate. Rustic knotholes, fine oak grains as well as beautiful details give your rooms a high-quality look. What distinguishes the versatile flooring and what it has to offer, Parkett Hinterseer reveals in the following!

12 Reasons Why You'll Love Laminate Plank Style

  1. Warm underfoot
  2. Loving detail
  3. Timeless look
  4. Comfortable to the touch
  5. Various combinations
  6. Warm, natural look
  7. Quick and easy to install
  8. Easy to clean, hygienic, allergy friendly
  9. Contributes to improving the indoor climate
  10. Various decors (oak, spruce and chestnut)
  11. Compatible with hot water underfloor heating systems
  12. Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces on request

The classic: laminate plank oak decor

The majority of laminate planks from Parkett Hinterseer in the country house look has a decor in oak look. Oak wood is so popular because it has a high recognition value with its striking appearance and creates a very natural atmosphere through the knot holes. Depending on your taste and the size of the room, you have several options when it comes to the color scheme. While dark country house floorboards in oak decor look warm and noble, lighter shades provide an open and friendly light overall impression. Also discover laminate planks with, for example, a chestnut or spruce decor layer!

Parkett Hinterseer also offers laminate as shipfloor, cork and tile.

What is laminate?

How is laminate constructed?

Layer1: Overlay

The top layer of a laminate floorboard forms a usable layer (overlay), which is particularly hard-wearing. This consists of a cellulose treated with synthetic resin.

Layer2: Decor

This is followed by a decor layer. The printed paper gives the laminate flooring its high-quality look. In this case, the laminate mimics a floor in the natural country house plank look.

Layer 3: Carrier plate

The largest part of the laminate plank is the carrier board. The high-density wood fiberboard usually consists of 90 percent wood fibers. It provides the necessary stability and strength of the panels.

Layer 4: Countermove

The counterdraw forms the final layer on the back of the carrier board. It is responsible for the longevity of the mold and moisture barrier.

Country house floorboard know-how: the perfect substrate and care tips


  • In order for you to enjoy your floor for many years and to avoid unsightly deformations, a well-prepared subfloor is the be-all and end-all! The floor, on which the laminate planks in country house plank look will later be laid, should above all be even and permanently dry. Once these conditions are met, carefully clean the surface. Once you have assured yourself that there is no residual moisture, you can lay the floorboards with a clear conscience according to the specifications of the installation instructions.

Care and cleaning

Since most plank floors are treated with oil, the laminate flooring scores with a dirt-repellent matte surface. Generally speaking:

  • Remove coarse dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner. To avoid scratches, sand grains and small stones should be removed immediately.
  • Depending on the use of the floor, it is advisable to wipe the floorboards weekly/monthly damp.