Adjustable foot base 27-40mm

height adjustment, against waterlogging and ground frost

€4.06*/ Stück

€4.06* per packagaging unit

Product number: 90200410

Adjustable foot for terrace substructure

With the adjustable foot you can install the bars of the supporting construction for your terrace in an easily, quickly and cost-effectively way.
Differences in height and slope can be easily compensated with the terrace bases. The adjustable foot impresses with its low weight and very good ventilation. Due to the air circulation, the substructure is reliably protected against waterlogging and ground frost. In addition, the swelling and shrinking behavior is greatly reduced.

Product features:

  • Differences in height and slope can easily be balanced

  • Low weight of the adjustable feet - perfect construction of foundation e.g. for roof terraces with large installation heights and weight limitations

  • Protection of the substructure against waterlogging and frost thanks to capillary separation - perfect water drainage possible

  • Excellent ventilation

  • Reduces swelling and shrinkage behavior

Product number: 90200410
EAN: 4260422230270
Weight in kg: 0.65
Wood is a natural product, variations in color and structure are inevitable and properties of the natural product wood. A sample therefore does not have to match the later delivery and therefore cannot convey the overall impression of a laid area. The same applies to the illustrations on this website / web shop, these are also to be equated with the representation of a sample.