Columbus 145 SH

single-disc sander 1500 Watt Working width Ø: approx. 375m

€1,843.31*/ Stück

€1,843.31* per packagaging unit

Product number: 85700090

Handy Columbus single-disc sander for powerful sub-floor treatment

With the Columbus single-disc sander you remove any unevenness or old cover residues. It is ideal for the dust-free sanding of screeds, anhydrite screeds, smoothed underfloor or for intermediate sanding during parquet installation.

Through lifting and lowering the guide rod, the floor sander can be guided over the floor in a semicircle and remove the remains of the covering. The result is an even surface.
The robust design of the Columbus single-disc sander ensures a long service life and allows for a quick and efficient polishing of your floor coverings.

Product features:

  • environmentally friendly

  • Easy and quick change of disc, plate and brush

  • Grid connection: 230 V

  • Working width Ø: approx. 375m

  • Motor power: 1.500 watt

  • Speed: 140 rpm

  • Weight: approx. 42 kg

  • Supplied without sanding plate and suction system

Product number: 85700090
EAN: 4020908005415
Weight in kg: 18
Janser grinding wheel Metall K 14
D=375, for Mod.145+155

Content: 1 Stück

€81.87*/ Stück

€81.87* per packagaging unit

Janser case kit f. TRIVO-Disc
three-disc plate in the case including Velcro discs

Content: 1 Stück

€1,796.90*/ Stück

€1,796.90* per packagaging unit

Dust Extraction Ring MULTI-VAC
2-channel suction system for grinding work

Content: 1 Stück

€391.51*/ Stück

€391.51* per packagaging unit

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