JS Cleaner - scraper aid

for lacquers, paints, primers flexibly adjustable

€9.90*/ Item

€9.90* per packagaging unit

Product number: 80100007

Handle scraper aid for paint rollers and paint rollers

The jsCleaner is a stripping aid, which is used after work with varnishes, paints, primers and similar substances. Excess liquids are thereby stripped off the roller used for this purpose back into the container provided - the hands remain without contact with the substances used.

By returning the stripped substances, a more economical use as well as a faster cleaning of the roll is ensured. In addition, the subsequent cleaning prevents excess liquid from entering drains.

To accommodate the different sizes of each roll, the stripping device is flexibly adjustable in a limited form.

Product number: 80100007
Weight in kg: 0.2
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