Parat 96 adhesive primer 5 kg

Adhesive, one-component, solvent-free, ready for use

€15.08*/ Kilogram

€75.39* per packagaging unit

Product number: 45500039

PARAT® 96 adhesion primer on special dispersion basis

PARAT® 96 is an adhesion-promoting, one-component, ready-to-use, solvent-free adhesion primer based on special dispersion.

For the preparation of absorbent and non-absorbent substrates in interior and protected exterior areas. As a depth primer suitable for absorbent, mineral substrates such as cement, anhydrite and magnesite screeds (also with underfloor heating). Before laying parquet with all MSP and PUR adhesives that are free from components capable of migration. As a bonding bridge for subsequent troweling on tiles, terrazzo, firmly adhering and water-resistant adhesive residues, epoxy resin coatings, epoxy resin and MSP-based moisture barriers (free from components capable of migration), sanded wood substrates, sanded OSB (Not on Conti-Finish) and V100 laying boards, metal and well sanded or shot-blasted mastic asphalt.

PARAT® 96 Adhesion Primer is applied evenly and undiluted to the cleaned substrate. Avoid puddle formation. In the case of highly absorbent, cementitious screeds and calcium sulfate screeds, PARAT® 96 can be diluted 1:1 with water.

1 kg is sufficient for approx. 10-12 m2

Drying time: 30-60 min.

Product number: 45500039
EAN: 4260548891102
Weight in kg: 5
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