PARAT PU Express primer 11 kg

Water- and solvent-free, fast drying, ready for use

€19.40*/ Kilogram

€213.37* per packagaging unit

Product number: 45400116

Water- and solvent-free PU primer for interior use

PARAT PU Express is a high-quality, water- and solvent-free polyurethane-based primer with accelerated drying. The ready-to-use primer is very low in emissions ( EC1PLUS) and suitable as a vapor retarder.
Only suitable indoors for priming normal to highly absorbent, slightly sanding screeds prior to bonding with PU and MS adhesives and fillers. Also for binding residual dust on gypsum-based screeds. Suitable for underfloor heating. For blocking increased residual moisture in cement screeds up to max. 4 CM%, on underfloor heating up to max. 3 CM% . Not suitable on unsanded V100 or OSB boards or those treated with Conti-Finish.

Product features:

  • Ready-to-use primer
  • Low emission, EC1PLUS
  • Water and solvent free
  • Suitable as a vapor retarder
  • Very fast drying
  • Ready to use
  • Ideal processing temperature: + 16° C to + 22 °C
  • Drying time as primer: approx. 60 min
  • Drying time as vapor barrier: approx. 12 hours
  • Consumption as primer: approx. 10 0 - 150 g/m²
  • As vapor retarder: approx. 300 - 450 g/m²
Product number: 45400116
EAN: 4260457243566
Weight in kg: 11
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