PARAT RP 1.0 wooden floor soap 1 L

all oiled, waxed and soaped surfaces re-greasing properties (old: PARAT RP 3)

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€13.22* per packagaging unit

Product number: 35701011

PARAT® RP 1.0 Wood floor soap with natural fatty acids

Wooden floors are classically beautiful, timeless and lend your premises an individual aura. In order for you to enjoy your wooden floors for a long time, they must be properly cleaned and cared for.

PARAT® RP 1.0 Wood Floor Soap is used for cleaning and care of all oiled, waxed and soaped surfaces, such as wooden floors or stairs. The re-greasing properties of the soap give the surface optimum protection.

Easy to use and very economical.

Mixing ratio: 1:40 or 125 ml soap for 5 l water

Yield: approx. 3-400 m² per litre

Application: With cloth or mop

Product number: 35701011
EAN: 4260033197962
Weight in kg: 1
Surface: for oiled
Wood is a natural product, variations in color and structure are inevitable and properties of the natural product wood. A sample therefore does not have to match the later delivery and therefore cannot convey the overall impression of a laid area. The same applies to the illustrations on this website / web shop, these are also to be equated with the representation of a sample.