PROVARIOclip Univ. stainless steel V2A

transition profile 7-18mm,brushed,1,00m Records movements without snapping

€63.46*/ Item

€63.46* per packagaging unit

Product number: 70210232

The snap-in universal profile with swivel joint technology

The PROVARIOclip Universal floor profile system made of V2A stainless steel creates perfect transitions for parquet and laminate flooring. Using an innovative and unique process technology, the cover profiles of PROVARIO Universal stainless steel are covered with a solid stainless steel V2A - for a unique look. Depending on the thickness of the floor coverings to be connected, PROVARIOclip is snapped into the plastic joint of the base profile to varying depths. This absorbs the vibrations that occur with floating parquet and laminate floors with impact sound insulation.

Thanks to the patented swivel-joint technology, the cover profile can be infinitely adjusted in height and inclination to the adjacent floor coverings. Different levels can thus be adjusted with millimetre precision using the transition profile.

Product features:

  • Lockable floor profile system with patented swivel joint technology

  • 7-18 mm infinitely variable in height

  • Tilt adjustment 4-21 mm

  • Patented swivel joint in base profile

  • For laminate and parquet

  • Records movements without snapping

  • Fast, safe assembly - without visible screws

Product number: 70210232
EAN: 4021651346411
Weight in kg: 0.45
Length in mm: 1000
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