Ring rubber mat 75x100cm small holes

thickness 13mm, black, heavy duty dirt trap, drainage function

€74.76*/ Item

€74.76* per packagaging unit

Product number: 90300081

Highly resilient dirt trap for heavily frequented areas

The ring rubber mat impresses with its excellent drainage effect. Numerous small openings ensure that liquids and small dirt particles drain off immediately and the top surface remains dry. In addition, the structure makes it easier for suppliers to walk or drive over the honeycomb mat, e.g. with strollers, wheelchairs or hand trucks.

The high-quality natural rubber is not only robust and weather-resistant, but also shows itself to be extremely slip-resistant on both the front and the back side.

Thanks to its great performance, the ring rubber mat is suitable for heavily frequented entrance areas of retail stores or larger residential units, as well as for government agencies or recreational facilities.

Product features:

  • High quality rubber compound

  • Highly durable mud flap

  • Ideal for commercial areas

  • Very good drainage effect

  • No obstacle for casters and wheels

  • Material: rubber

  • Honeycomb structure

  • Color: Black

  • Thickness: 13 mm

  • Weight: approx. 8 kg/m²

  • Dimensions: 75x100 cm

  • Suitable for floor recesses: yes

  • Weather resistant

Product number: 90300081
Weight in kg: 0.5
Height in mm: 13.0
Length in mm: 1000
Width in mm: 750
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