Spax TRX countersunk bolt 4x40mm

(125 piece/ unit)

€6.99*/ Pack

€6.99* per packagaging unit

Product number: 75100072

The SPAX TRX countersunk head screw convinces with its universal application

Multifunctional application indoors without pre-drilling - with the SPAX TRX countersunk head screws with wave profile, fast and secure processing is possible with little effort. The SPAX CUT tip effectively reduces the splitting effect. Square displaces the fibers of the wood and reduces the insertion torque.
SPAX TRX countersunk head screw effectively reduces splicing of the wood material, even with small edge distances.

The screw's multi-head countersinks easily and flush, mills in wood and brakes on metal.

Pre-drilling is recommended for hard woods.

Product features:

- universal use

- 4CUT: without pre-drilling (depending on wood)

- Partial thread: tight sealing of the upper wood layer

- galvanized, yellow passivated A2L

- T-STAR plus: secure tool fit, no cam-out effect, optimum power transmission

- Wave profile: for fast and secure screwing

- MULTI head: flush countersinking, mills in wood - brakes on metal

Product number: 75100072
EAN: 4003530160882
Weight in kg: 0.625
Height in mm: 4.0
Length in mm: 40
Wood is a natural product, variations in color and structure are inevitable and properties of the natural product wood. A sample therefore does not have to match the later delivery and therefore cannot convey the overall impression of a laid area. The same applies to the illustrations on this website / web shop, these are also to be equated with the representation of a sample.