toothed spatula 18cm

toothing A2 or A3

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€3.57* per packagaging unit

Length in mm
Product number: 80203183.1

Handier toothed spatula with A2 toothing and suspension device

For parquet work mainly toothed spatula with triangular toothing is used. Particularly small-format parquet forms such as mosaic parquet require finer ribs in the adhesive layer. The toothed spatula is ideal for applying and spreading adhesives. It has an 18 cm wide steel blade with A2 teeth and suspension.

Product features:

- spatula with suspension hole

- toothing A2:

- Total width: 18 cm

- tooth width: 1,3 mm

- distance of teeth: 1,7 mm

- tooth height: 1,4 mm

- toothing A3:

- Total width: 18 cm

- tooth width: 0,4 mm

- distance of teeth: 1,6 mm

- tooth height: 1,5 mm

Product number: 80203183.1
EAN: 4007535221401
Weight in kg: 0.2
Variant: A2
Width in mm: 180
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