WOCA Antique oak lye 2.5 litres

Yield: 8-10 m²/litre, vintage look, Smoking-rich effect, pH value: 13-14

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Antic oak lye for a unique antique effect / smoked oak effect

WOCA Antique Oak Lye gives your oak surface an ammonia smoked look. The classic antique effect product is easy to use, but also corrodes. Therefore, be careful when applying.
As the product reacts actively with the tannic acid in the oak, the colour after application may vary depending on the tannic acid content of the wood. The surface must be treated with oil or soap after application. Contains no pigments.
With WOCA Antik-Eichenlauge your oak wood surface gets a unique colour and a classic vintage look.

- pH value: 13-14
- Colours: Clear
- Ingredients: Sodium hydroxide, water
- Drying time: 2-4h

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