WOCA Master colour oil nature 1,0 ltr.

Ergiebigkeit:10-12 m²/liter, Fußbodenöl, Schmutz- und wasserabweisend


Product number: 35500667

WOCA Meister floor oil - colour and protection in one product

WOCA Meister Floor oil is ideal for all untreated, newly sanded or lye treated floors of all types of wood indoors, e.g. stairs, interior floors, panels and furniture.
The floor oil with vegetable oil components penetrates very well into the wood and gives it a hard-wearing, dirt- and water-repellent surface. Room climate tested.
For mechanical or manual processing. Suitable for children's toys.

The product, room and floor temperatures should be between 15°C-30°C during processing. Provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Solid content: 60%.
Drying time: 12-24 h at 20°C
Through hardened: 5-7 days at 20°C and 55 % humidity
Product number: 35500667
EAN: 5708055019934
Weight in kg: 1
WOCA wood floor soap nature 1 Ltr.
Ergiebigkeit: 320-400m²/liter, rückfettende Eigenschaften


Pad (AB) green slim 406mm
mittel, Reinigungsscheibe


Pad (AB) white slim 406mm


lacquer spool Nr. 15 25cm
für Öl-, Kunstharzlack


Wood is a natural product, variations in color and structure are inevitable and properties of the natural product wood. A sample therefore does not have to match the later delivery and therefore cannot convey the overall impression of a laid area. The same applies to the illustrations on this website / web shop, these are also to be equated with the representation of a sample.